… true to our mission, we intend to continue helping our colleagues and students maintain and improve their fitness, emotional and physical health during lockdown, this challenging period of home office and online education. Therefore, we continue sharing information and ideas through our online channels: our website, Facebook , Instagram and email with the aim to keep you motivated.

Our online consultation is also available – without real physical contact of course:
- our colleague is here to help you with dietary advice,

- you can contact our physiotherapist if you need information about exercises that could improve posture, or if you’re recovering from injury, or have been suffering from consequences of a desk job,
- another colleague can give you useful advice if you’re planning to quit smoking.

- you can consult LoveYourLife if you need advice about how to juggle daily tasks and challenges.
You can apply for all the above at yourlife@aok.pte.hu.
We also wish to continue our healthy meal prep workshops and we will send you tips about home workout as well. You may also find further surprises and motivating challenges on our website …


If you have any questions, ideas, or requests write to us on www.yourlife.aok.pte.hu website, through the yellow ’ box of ideas’ indicated by the yellow envelope (you can stay anonymous), or email us at yourlife@aok.pte.hu.

Stay healthy while staying at home!

YourLife team