Senior Leadership and its management corps, Medical School, considers it relevant the faculty, staff and employees assigned to the Medical School including the students enrolled are offered a wide range of possibilities regarding athletics and intramural sports. In consideration of this goal, the UP MS Sport Facilities announce weekend family athletic programs every semester, which are free of charge to the participants. In addition to the occasional sport programs, a new initiative is currently undergoing review towards potentially providing regular sporting events to the employees of the Medical School and the Central Clinics. Ideally, the following activities will soon be marketed and promoted to our fellow colleagues.

Fitnexx classes

When: Based on the timetable of the club

Where: Premium FitnexX Club

Pécs, Jászai Mari str 2.

Trainer: Trainers employed by the club

Discount: 50% discount with certificate of Medical School legal relationship

Posture correcting exercises

When: Monday and Thursday 11.00-11.30

Where: Basement gym in the Medical School, Szigeti st. 12.

Trainer: Renáta Tihanyi

Discount: Free of charge


When: Friday 16.30-18.00

Where: Basement gym in the Medical School, Szigeti st. 12.

Trainer: Szabolcs Kovács

Discount: Free of charge

If interested, please send your inquiry to the following email address:

We wish you a pleasant recreational experience!

Tamás Téczey, Director

UP MS Sport Facilities