A modernized, contemporary institute, in which health and well-being is the primary focus, cannot exist without a program encouraging a healthy lifestyle. One might refer to this current movement as a form of social role-taking, yet the primary objective is nonetheless, action.

This is precisely why I consider it entirely relevant, in which the Health Plan recently launched within the sphere of our university, does so with verve and zeal, offering its clients a sense of direction, much like a navigator, a captain, skipper or leader to direct us, including highly trained and willing echelons of staff, patiently waiting for our beckoned call, on station and on duty, in the wings to coordinate and guide us willing souls towards our overall goal, longevity and a higher quality of life.

Pardon me if it risks sounding cliché, however, the ideally finest form of therapy remains prevention, yet we, the citizens aligned to the the Medical University know firsthand and appreciate the essence in this undeniable morsel of truth.

Consequently, it bears worth reasoning in which we consistently tend to the daily maintenance of our physical, spiritual and mental health, since this wise investment genuinely pays a handsome dividend and does with remarkable consistency.

Specifically, the essence regarding these very words is what I expect from our Health Plan, and to ensure the oppotunities torwards improving our health is immediately available, without qualms nor the entrapment within a bureaucratic labyrnth of chaos once must muttle through.

Essentially, I encourage all of you, intertwined within the environment of the University of Pecs, including, generaly employees, administrative staff, educators, professors and members of Senior Leadership to embrace the significance of this newly developed health plan, ignite the torch of Enlightenment, charge forth into the future and illuminate a positive strategy towards a healthier lifestyle, not just for today’s population but for our future generations to come.