Have you ever felt so rushed you didn’t have time to recharge?

When we are short on shut-eye, or a proper’s nights sleep, we are prone to making errors or a lack in judgement. It is common for an individual at the point of absolute fatigue to decrease the much-needed time for charging and allocate more time in support of other activities.

Factually, the proper amount and the quality of sleep is the main source of ’fuel’ which drives us. Sleep is indispensable, both to preserve our health and properly fulfill our duties and obligations.

Sleeping and health:

It is easy to notice there is a connection between our quality of sleep and our performance during the day. Everyone now and then has likely felt under the weather, moody, or disorganized following a night of poor quality sleep. The thing which is hard to catch, even though many studies have proven or substantiated, is sleeplessnes, especially when it becomes regular, has long-term consequences regarding our health. One can become predisposed to high blood pressure disease, diabetes, obesity, cardiac diseases, and it can reduce life expectancy.

Sleeping and studying:

Studying and memory are often marked by these characteristics:

  • 1) Collection: when we first recieve new information.
  • 2) Storage: the process where the memory imprints.
  • 3) Recollection: when we access the memories acquired earlier.

All three conditions are necessary for the memory to function properly. The first and the third are natural elements of the conscious mind, however studies have shown the storage of memories occurs during sleep.

Admittedly, it is nice and well, yet what should I pay attention to?

  • 1) 7-9 hours of daily amount of sleep (by your needs)
  • 2) regular sleeping schedule
  • 3) calm environment (try to avoid disturbing sounds and light effects)
  • 4) personally suitable, healthy bed
  • 5) ideal temperature (18-20 celsius)
  • 6) last meal 3 hours prior bedtime
  • 7) do not watch TV right before going to bed
  • 8) if possible, turn on the blue-light filter on your phone and other digital devices