When we utter the word ’stress’, nearly no one does not feel affected.

Within the sphere of our university, forms of Psychological Consultation has historically been regularly offered, whether to students or employees. Today, the program is proud to announce its revisions including consultations in support of private, one-on-one or small group forms of consultation and training, all meant to improve a healthy lifestyle and daily stress management.

Naturally, there are less direct means to achieve inner harmony, and we can try to preserve our balance by committing to physical activity often, making sure get the proper amount of recovery and rest and tending to our interpersonal relationships and time management. Once we achieve these things, we have already contributed to feeling better.

We genuinely hope you will discover opportunities which ideally are customized to your specific needs. Today, the Consultation Program aligned to the Medical School and the entirety of the University of Pécs is undergoing vast growth, and we encourage you to visit our website frequently, as current events are updated, nearly on a daily basis. You will also find useful tips and various forms of information regarding health and well-being.

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