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Dr. Horváth-Sarródi Andrea

Dr. Andrea Horváth-Sarródi

Medical Doctor, Life coach

Where are you employed, what do you do now, and what is your favourite topic/research area within your field of specialisation?

I am currently employed at the Department of Public Health Medicine, as an educator, in which I conduct various forms of training, and I assist in a vast degree of health improving programmes. Additionally, in my role as a Consultant, I host regularly scheduled individual sessions.

In what fields can you offer guidance and what is your specialised field in support of this program?

In the role as a Life coach, I routinely offer my clients counsel in becoming increasingly more efficient regarding the fields of employment, academic studies, and/or personal life habits. I am adept at discovering an individual’s mental blocks and physical limits, and I offer strategies for overcoming setbacks, personal stalls and inevitably, overcoming adversary. As the Coordinator of the YourLife programme, I am actively contributing to the faculty’s efforts regarding measures intending to improve the health of its employees and currently enrolled students.

Personal info and background:

I completed my medical studies in 2007, and since then, have experienced a multitude of challenges and witnessed first-hand the beauty of this profession. I still have professionally active relationship among my former students, and my current research field focuses on the mental health of medical students. I have conducted a variety trainings at the corporate level throughout the southern region of Hungary, in which I offer strategies and coping skills meant to reduce workplace stress and improve professional levels of communication. I actively contribute in talent promotion as the President of the Romhányi György College, since autumn of 2017. My favourite forms of exercises ideally suited to recharging include swimming, yoga, and dancing. In addition to athletics, I prefer painting and drawing, and I am inspired by gastronomic challenges.

Please share a message or comment you feel relevant regarding the YourLife program, specifically, why you joined:

I believe physical health is closely linked to mental health, therefore, both dimensions should be considered.

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