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Dr. Keresnyei Krisztina

Dr. Krisztina Keresnyei

Business and Team Coach Degree

Where are you employed, what do you do now, and what is your favourite topic/research area within your field of specialisation?

Co-Owner at MyPro Solutions

Senior Lecturer at Eötvös József College

In what fields can you offer guidance and what is your specialised field in support of this programme?

As a coach I can help you achieve your goals, or if you are going through a rough patch, I will help your see the ways from another point of view. We will us creative techniques and methods to help you find the strength in yourself. Come and work on yourself with me!

Briefly, share some personal information in association to the topic:

I really love coaching, because from every talk I can reflect on myself as well. This is a never ending journey of learning, which is a very important component of who I am.

Personal info and background:

When I was a grad student myself, I went on an Erasmus experience. It had its ups and downs, and I really appreciated when one of my teachers spoke with me in a different way. Later I found out he was a coach himself. My goal is to give the same experience to you as well.

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If you want to talk, contact me and we will find a suitable appointment to you. E-mail:

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