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Dr. Hanzel Adrienn

Dr. Adrienn Hanzel

Physiotherapist, Public Health Expert

Where are you employed, what do you do now, and what is your favourite topic/research area within your field of specialisation?

I have been employed with the Department of Public Health Medicine, the Medical School of the University of Pécs, since 2018. I have been doing various forms of athletics since my childhood, and did so with verve and regularity, including gymnastics, aerobics, and long distance running. Today I am actively committed to a daily regimen of intense, physical activity.

In what fields can you offer guidance and what is your specialised field in support of this program?

In addition to my educational and research priorities, I regularly conduct individual consultation, and primarily small group physiotherapy sessions. For example:

  • Spine Exercises (recommended to prevent different spine disorders and beneficial in the treatment of potential spinal deformations
  • Posture Correctional Exercises (preventing compulsive posture caused by regular sedentary work and strengthening and stretching the affected muscles)
  • Body Reforming Exercises (the goal is to reach an optimal weigh and prevent potentially concomitant illnesses)

Preventive Exercises (helps to get through a routine work day and prevents and delays the onset of transfigurations, such as osteoporosis)

Personal info and background:

I first encountered the physiotherapist profession during a Posture Correctional class, and immediately I developed a genuine interest. After finishing primary school in Bonyhád, I attended high school in Pécs in which I studied biology and physics. Following high school graduation, I applied to the University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences, to study physiotherapy. I have always enjoyed working among people, not only in a way of rehabilitation, but also focusing on prevention. I believed I needed to further educate myself, and so I pursued my Master’s Degree in Public Health Science. Upon completion, I applied to the Doctoral School of Health Sciences.

Please share a message or comment you feel relevant regarding the Health Plan, specifically, why you joined:

Regular physical activity has several positive effects: improves well-being, reduces stress, and reduces the risk of illnesses due to physical inactivity, such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, obesity, degenerative spine problems, and arthrosis. In today’s fast-paced world, our duties require an increase in the amount of time, and as a result, the human condition is increasingly more stressed, we have less time to ourselves, and we must keep in mind to preserve our health. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me!

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