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Gyócsiné Varga Zsófia

Zsófia Gyócsiné Varga

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Sportdietitian

Where are you employed, what do you do now, and what is your favourite topic/research area within your field of specialisation?

I am working at the University of Pécs Faculty of Health Sciences where I am doing my Ph.D. research on sports nutrition. Moreover, I am also researching the effect of media on nutrition. As a hobby, I am interested in wine and gastronomy.

In what fields can you offer guidance and what is your specialised field in support of this programme?

My aim in the program is to give up-to-date information and recommendations about health-, disease- and sport related nutrition.

Personal info and background:

Nutrition is part of our daily lives, which always changes and develops, however sometimes it may be hard to find a healthy way. That is why I aim to represent and share trustworthy information and recommendations as a professional in the field of nutrition. In my free time I enjoy cooking, creating new dishes and trying out special ingredients, recipes that I can share with others.

Please share a message or comment you feel relevant regarding the Health Plan, specifically, why you joined:

The „Egészségterv” is an excellent opportunity to creatively and direct share the diverse topics and the latest information about of nutritional science eith others and to help maintain personal health.

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