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Dr. Balogh Erika

Dr. Erika Balogh

Preventive Public Health Specialist

Where are you employed, what do you do now?

I am currently employed as an assistant professor at the Department of Public Health Medicine. where I have been working in the fields of gradual education for doctors and scientific research since 2011. My primary area of research include the health related behaviors of medical students, especially their tobacco habits and the increased use of alternative tobacco products. I provide consultation in support of students who wish to cease tobacco use. I am also the editor of a magazine entitled, ”Helath Promotion”, which aims to provide theoretical and practical information regarding improving the state of health of the general public.

In what fields can you offer guidance and what is your specialized field in support of this program?

I offer professional consultaiont to students who wish to cease the use of tobbaco products, in the form of an individual or group consultations. The road to smoking cessation may be difficult for many individuals, it often takes a lot of effort and may not always prove succesful on the first try. Fortunately, there are options and methods which aid in makling this odyssey a bit easier. 

Personal info and background:

I consider it important to demonstrate the right example. In the case of individuals who are employed in the medical field and styding medicine, it is increasingly important to not only promote a healthy way of life, but also to live by it. My family and I often take long hikes and we try to spend as much time in nature as possible. In nearly every instance, I either walk or ride my bike to the workplace.

Please share a message or comment you feel relevant regarding the Health Plan, specifically, why you joined:

Smoking cessation is one of the most profitable health preserving acitivites. It is outstandingly important for future doctors, as non-smoking doctors are far more likely to suggest smoking cessation to their patients and reportedly, their health expectancy is much longer when compared to their colleagues’ using tobacco products.

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