Do you always feel yourself tired and exhausted? Are you afraid from the coming exam period? Do you drink coffee without counting and you can’t stop thinking about chocolate? Are the hamburger and instant soup generally in your everyday menu and the pizza delivery knows you address just from mind? Would you like to change? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! Apply and get tips about how can you defeat the fatigue, improve you immune system and feel good yourself. I’m waiting you, if you want to know new ideas, dishes and recipes. 

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The workshop is held by Zsófia Gyócsiné Varga

My name is Zsófia. I am a dietitian, sportdietitian and nutritionist. I believe that nutrition is one of the most important part of our life, but sometimes it is really challenging. As an expert I want to share reliable recommendations and information with people, how can they keep and improve their health and prevent diseases. As a hobby, I’m interested in wine and gastronomy. I really like to find and try out new recipes.