You are invited to participate in the first annual Medical School Grand Staircase Race, the first of its kind here at the Medical School! Join the fun and win one of our prizes! Contrary to urban myth, climbing stairs is not an inconvenience, but a recommended form of daily exercise.

You only have to walk, climb or run up the stairs to the 4th floor of the Medical School!

Taking the stairs regularly may stimulate circulation, improve stamina, help in the formation of nicely shaped calves, and is green-friendly, as in choosing to do so, saves electricity.

And soon, you will have the opportunity to show your athletic abilities in the Medical School’s, First Annual Grand Staircase Race!

This event is the first of its kind in the history of our medical school, and is planned for Thursday, 20 February 2020!

The task is simple, the course less so. Runners will race up the vast staircase, beginning at the Aula, up through the 4th floor, as fast as humanly possible, and without injury to oneself or other participants!

The competition will officially kick-off at 3 PM.

Contestants can compete in three primary categories:

  • Fastest contestant
  • Most creative costume

Prizes will be awarded to the overall, fastest competitor and the contestant donning the most creative, hilarious carnival costume during the race.

Prizes will be awarded regarding the afore mentioned category and include the following:

  1. FITNEXX monthly pass, UP MS hoodie and a pen drive
  2. FITNEXX monthly pass and a UP MS hoodie
  3. FITNEXX monthly pass

Lastly, a drawing will commence following the event in which ten fortunate contestants will be awarded a UP MS hoodie!

To compete in the race, please click on the link below to officially register: