• you are tired of traditional desserts,
  • you are keen to explore tantalizing richness regarding new flavors and colors,
  • you are hesitant to experiment at home, or the dormitory’s kitchen is too small or not well equipped,

then come join us in our kitchen!

You are invited to the teaching kitchen, Slyven Restaurant, November 13, at 4 pm, to learn how to prepare healthy, scrumptious desserts under the professional guidance of Ms. Cintia Bábindeli, a sixth year medical student.

Please pre-register at the following website listed below. Last day of registration is TuesdayNovember 12, 6 pm:


Please pre-register in advance, as the number of participants is limited, and the teaching kitchen’s maximum capacity is limited to ten chefs.

Participation in the event is free of charge for students and employees of UP MS.

Attendees are encouraged to sample the array of sweets delicately prepared during the program. Naturally, doggie bags are approved and plan to bring yours.

Expected duration of the event: 2-3 hours.